Natya Yoga, dance therapy

Wellcome to Natya Yoga, a form of Yoga and dance therapy

Natya means dance in Sanskrit, Yoga is the path to the divine light.

For my dance therapy work I developed a form of Natya Yoga on the basis of 35 years of yoga experience, 30 years of training in classical indian dance, as well as may present dance work.

Natya Yoga is a dancing yoga practice allowing us to experience the holistic and many-layered form of our existence.

With spontaneous and dynamic dance steps, our warmed up muscles, ligaments and tendons may enjoy greater mobility and elasticity again. Warm muscles are able to react faster and contract and release easier.
Through the imagination and sensation of moving inner images, the more subtle and ethereal signals and information of our kinesthetic sense of movement of skeleton and muscles can be observed with greater clarity and brought into better balance. Thus we may equally integrate the spiritual aspects of our entire being into our dance practice.

Natya Yoga unites various forms of yoga, allowing dance to become a living language capable of expressing all that moves us on a deep inner level instead of only being expressed intellectually in words.

I took the hand gestures (hasta mudras) of Indian sacred dance and integrated them into my dance therapy. They steer the flow of energy in the body and can help us overcome technical problems, avoid overstretching, respect our natural body structures and bring our awareness to specific inner processes.

The nine most important hasta mudras are:

  • 1. Pataka

  • 2. Sushi

  • 3. Shikara

  • 4. Alapadma

  • 5. Katakamukha

  • 6. Hamsasya

  • 7. Hamsapaksha

  • 8. Sarpashirsha

  • 9. Anjalihasta

Once you learnt to incorporate these mudras into your yoga practice and feel the connections between the energy lines down to your fingertips, you will experience more balance, coordination and harmony of body and mind. Your entire energy field is flooded with more life force or prana while your attention focusses on the here and now.
Rhythm, poetry and intuition accompany your yoga pratice like a quiet stream. Like this your prayer turns into a meditative dance.
On the way to the inner light, this healing body language may lead to a conscious contact with the transformative primal force – the shakti – within.

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